Tao Jiang Fine Art

Tao Jiang's paintings on paper and canvas draw from Chinese folk art, the Bible, nature, and real life scenes to inspire a sense of poetry and faith in her viewers. Jiang tackles a variety of subjects in her works, from biblical scenes to landscapes to still lifes. In this endeavor, she utilizes colors that deviate from reality only subtly, and only in order to emphasize the natural beauty of her subjects, reflecting her interest in the European Impressionist masters. “These works are inspired by the beauty of nature and are meant to praise the greatness of the Creator,” the artist says.
Working and living in Vancouver, Canada, Jiang was born in China in the 1970's, where she studied at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Today, she makes great use of her education, background, and intellectual interests by effortlessly combining the worlds of traditional Chinese art, folk art, and Western art history to produce her stunning portraits of those things beautiful and transcendent. Somewhere between these various traditions, Jiang presents her own style and voice in captivating expressions of her inner sincerity and worship. (Press Release /Agora Gallery)